Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken, Switzerland looks like a picture. The small town sits in a valley and is surrounded by the gorgeous Swiss Alps Mountains and crystal blue glacial lakes. Interlaken itself is an adorable town, but there isn’t much to do there besides shop in the luxury stores and consume Swiss chocolate and cheese fondue. The real appeal for many tourists lies in the beautiful nature and plentiful winter activities.

During my weekend in Interlaken, I stepped way outside my comfort zone and participated in three winter activities, all a little terrifying in their own right. But without a doubt, the risk and the fear were worth it. Below you can read about each of these activities and some of the weekend’s most memorable moments.

3 Winter Adventures


blog-paraglidingThe best way to see Interlaken’s gorgeous scenery is from a bird’s-eye view. A little hesitant to skydive, I decided to go with a safer option: paragliding. The paragliding began with my “pilot” and I positioned on a grassy mountainside. After harnessing up and jogging several feet, we were picked up by the wind, and suddenly we were flying. 5,000 feet in the air, the view was breathtaking. For a magical 20 minutes, I took in the stunning views of Interlaken and its mountains and lakes. The ride was exhilarating, albeit a little nauseating, and was worth every penny.

Night Sledding

About 10 minutes into my night sledding experience, it became quite apparent that I had no idea what I signed up for. What I expected to be a quick sledding down a hill was actually a Mario Kart-like race down a winding, icy mountain path in pitch-black darkness. It was an adrenaline rush like no other and an illegal amount of fun. Only afterwards did I realize how incredibly dangerous it was, considering we didn’t have lights or helmets or barriers to prevent us from sledding off the mountain. Oops.

Winter Kayaking

When I signed ublog-kayakingp for winter kayaking, all I could picture was suffering the same fate as Jack from Titanic. Luckily for me, there are no icebergs in Lake Briez. If paragliding gave me a bird’s-eye view, then winter kayaking rounded me out with a fish-eye view. The lake was my favorite shade of blue and perfectly reflected the Swiss Alps above. The whole experience was relaxing and serene.

3 Spotlighted Momentsblog-beer-friends

  • Sitting for hours in a Swiss pub, just drinking beer and chatting with my friend Jamie (on my right) and some girls we had just met from Rome.
  • Discussing Swiss and American politics (so basically Donald Trump) with an elderly Swiss man we met at a bus stop.


  • Reading a book and drinking a cappuccino while lying in a hammock inside my hostel. I could see the Swiss alps through the cabin walls. It was a perfect moment.

While Switzerland may have zapped all my savings, I made memories that will last a lifetime. If you have the opportunity to visit this picturesque Swiss town, I highly recommend you do so.


7 thoughts on “Interlaken, Switzerland

  1. Love all the pictures and descriptions. So happy you are having all of these incredible experiences. Keep posting and enjoy every second. You are so lucky but PLEASE be careful. Love, Aunt Vida


  2. That adventurous spirit must have skipped a generation… the only thing I could have done was the kayaking! And thank you so much for telling me about your adventures AFTER they were over. So glad you are having such an incredible trip… lots more posts please!


  3. Love your sense of adventure. Even I wouldn’t have done the night sledding. I guess it is good that you didn’t know ahead of time. Will you return to Switzerland? So happy for your European experience. Keep the posts coming. Love you lots. Nana


  4. I’m sitting here at Renee’s, reading all of your blog posts out loud to her while she puts foils in my hair. She wanted me to ask if you tried Jager Tea while you were in Switzerland, or the Schnapps served with a prune in it on a long ski! (She loves your blog… says it inspires her to start writing again!)


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