Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is an adorable city with beautiful architecture, rich history, and amazing people. Although we were only there for two days, my roommate Kara and I had a blast squeezing in all that Dublin has to offer. Read on to learn about must-see Dublin sights, Irish accents, and lots and lots of beer.

Must-See Sights

Dublin Castle

Blog dublin castleKara and I made a last minute decision to tour Dublin castle, and we loved it! The castle has so much history dating back thousands of years. Our tour guide was great and we were able to see stones from the original fortress as well as the modern Dublin palace. I would definitely recommend!

Howth, Ireland

Visiting Howth Blog Howthhad to be my favorite part of the weekend. A 30-minute train ride from Dublin lies the adorable seaside city of Howth with its stunning cliffs. Kara and I hiked the cliffs for a couple hours for a breathtaking view. The whole experience was so peaceful and relaxing. Oh, and we rewarded ourselves afterwards with the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.

Blog sky barGuinness Storehouse

It’s only fitting to tour the Guinness Storehouse while in Dublin, home of Guinness beer. The Storehouse is definitely worth a visit and will teach you more than you ever wanted to know about Guinness. However, the best part was enjoying a free pint of Guinness beer in the Guinness Sky Bar overlooking Dublin. Sláinte!

Trinity College

If you get the chaBlog trinitynce, definitely take a walk around Trinity College’s historic campus. Ireland is known for its ridiculously green grass, and Trinity College has tons of it (please observe the grass in this picture). Trinity College is also home to the famous Book of Kells, but, being college students, Kara and I decided to spend the 12-euro entrance fee on more important things. Like beer.

Other Irish Things

Irish People

I don’t think I realized quite how reserved and quiet the Czechs are until I met the Irish. The Irish are some of the friendliest, most positive people I’ve ever met and they’re part of what makes Dublin so great. They love to chat and have a great time, and you can’t help but just smile when you talk to them (their accents might have something to do with that…). For example: One taxi driver referred to the United States as “Trump Land” and proclaimed that Southern accents, the accents of “Hilly Billies,” are the best accents in the world. It took everything I had not to smuggle an Irish person back to Prague with me in my pocket.

Irish Food

Unfortunately, through a logistics mishap, I was unable to try Irish stew. However, I did try some beautiful donuts (Ireland is known for them), a delicious traditional Irish breakfast, and drank my fair share of beer. Oh, and the fish and chips in Howth were just miraculous.

Blog donut
S’mores Donut
Blog irish bfast
Traditional Irish Breakfast
Blog fish n chips
Howth Fish & Chips

Irish Pubs

They really are just as adorable as they sound. For relatively cheap, you can get a pint of beer, some yummy pub food (in our case, a mountain of chicken wings), and a warm, cozy atmosphere. If ever in Dublin, I recommend going in and out of as many pubs as possible. You won’t be disappointed.

Overall, Dublin is adorable. Its rich history and amazing people only enrich the already wonderful city. If you have the chance to visit, definitely do it…and drink a Guinness for me while you’re there!


6 thoughts on “Dublin, Ireland

  1. Sounds and looks wonderful!! So glad you’re taking advantage of all that Europe has to offer and sharing all your fabulous experiences with us!! Keep it up – I love reading about it!
    Miss you!


  2. Jocelyn, I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Uncle Steve gets them and shares with me. You are so adventurous You make me want to visit all the places you’ve been


  3. It’s a very good thing you are legal in Europe… lots of drinking happening there! Dublin looks lovely, especially Howth Cliff Path. So glad you had a chance to get there… may the luck of the Irish be with you!


  4. Your descriptions of Ireland and pictures make me want to hop on the next plane. Keep sending pictures and details. Love seeing everything. Enjoy and take care.


    Aunt Vida


  5. Uncle Herb and I were lucky enough to visit Ireland several years ago and found it as delightful as you. We did go into Trinity and see the Book of Kells. It is an amazing place with lovely warm and friendly people. Sounds like you are having a terrific experience. I’m enjoying reading about all your travels.


  6. Thanks so much for the lovely review of Dublin. It brought back many pleasant memories of time my wife and I spent there on our honeymoon. And my daughter hopes to do her study abroad in Ireland.


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