Vienna, Austria

After 24 hours in Vienna, I have come to two conclusions: 1) Vienna is the most elegant city in Europe IMO. 2) I am definitely not fancy enough for it (not for lack of trying). Vienna is beautiful, clean, and classic. While 24 hours there wasn’t enough, read on to find out how myself, along with my Mom and brother, made the most of it!

Schoenbrunn Palace

blog palaceThis palace is the gorgeous home of the famous Hapsburg royal family. You can tour the palace and see all of the fancy, Rococo-decorated rooms once inhabited by Maria Theresia, Franz Joseph I, Marie Antoinette, and other familiar names. Once you finish touring the rooms of the palace, head out back and take a walk through the beautiful palace gardens. You won’t be disappointed!

 The Belvedere

Blog belvedereThis famous art museum is beautiful inside and out. The outside looks just like a palace with classic architecture and gardens. Inside the museum, you’ll find Monets and the Klimt paintings that Vienna is known for (“The Kiss” is plastered in every souvenir store all over the city). Definitely worth a visit during your 24 hours in Vienna.

 An Opera & Classical Music Concert

This concert was elegant and fancy asf. It was complete with a live orchestra, ballet dancers, opera singers. Austria is known for Mozart, so the orchestra played lots of his music among others. The concert was a great experience, but definitely reminded me why I don’t attend these concerts on a regular basis.

P.S. Don’t forget to try the apple strudel and Viennese sausage!

blog strudel

blog sausage






Overall, Vienna is an amazing city, and I’m so glad I got the chance to visit, if only for 24 hours. I’d love to visit again. Like they say, “Next year in Vienna!” Or is that somewhere else?


3 thoughts on “Vienna, Austria

  1. I first saw Vienna when I was 16, as an exchange student to Austria. It definitely is a very elegant city. But try some of the concerts in Prague’s churches. The music and acoustics are great, and you don’t need to get dressed up. Continue to enjoy your adventure.


  2. I believe we did a few other things during our trip to Vienna (including viewing the Jew scrubbing the sidewalk statue, and a trip to the flagship Swarovski store for shopping for a special birthday gift for you), but I’m glad to see you enjoyed it so much!

    Also, we had the concert and the gourmet dinner at the Kursalon Vienna!


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